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Accutane Research and Results

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Here you'll find links to a variety of reports on research done on Accutane. (Isotretinoin) Anyone considering taking Accutane should view these in depth.

It is our position that Accutane should not be taken under any circumstances. The side effects have proven to be exceptionally dangerous. Doctors still do not understand exactly how Accutane works to clear acne. One thing is clear, you will live with the effects of taking Accutane for the rest of your life. Do your research very well. Acne can seem to be utterly debilitating and you may be desperate for a cure, but acne is truly a mild disease compared to the possibilites of the side effects that can occur with taking a course of Accutane. Do your research and consult multiple doctors.

Abnormalities of those Taking Accutane - Here you will learn of some abnormal effects of those who have taken accutane.

Depression and Accutane - Learn about the link between accutane and depression.

The Liver and Accutane - Find out what effect accutane has on the liver and how serious it is.

Suicide and Accutane - Discover the alarming reports connecting accutane use with suicide.

Psychiatric Side Effects - Learn about mental effects on those taking accutane.

Pregnancy, Birth Defects, and Accutane - Here you will learn about a large study done related to those taking accutane who become pregnant.

Intermittent Dosing of Accutane - Learn about the advantages that were found for taking accutane intermittently as opposed to the standard treatment.

Muscle Damage Linked to Accutane - Can accutane really cause permanent muscle damage?

The Brain and Accutane - Discover the effects on the brain while on this prescription substance.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Learn of a couple cases linking this disease to accutane.

Mental Effects of Accutane - Accutane's connection to schizophrenia and other metal diseases.

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